Vehicle Repairs

At Foxham Vehicle Servicing we undertake any vehicle repairs required including rust remedy and welding, suspension, brakes, steering, electrical, fault diagnostics, engine repairs and more.

From ABS or Engine Management warning lights, to blowing exhausts and knocks/bang whilst driving, we offer the full range of vehicle repair services right down to rounded-off nuts and bolts.

With over 20 years experience working on multiple vehicle makes and models at main-dealer level, we have a broad knowledge and experience of many vehicles to be able to diagnose and repair many faults and common issues with the modern vehicle.

Examples of Repair work

We can undertake all types of repair work to your vehicle including but not limited to:

  • Braking system repairs including ABS and sensor faults, replacement brake discs, pads, fluid, hoses/lines and cylinders;
  • Suspension system repairs including replacement shock absorbers, springs, bushes, anti-roll bars, drop-links and more;
  • Steering system repairs including airbag faults, steering rack and pinion, power-steering pumps and more;
  • Bodywork repairs including scuffs, replacement panels, rust remedy and prevention and more;
  • Electrical repairs including engine management light warning and diagnostics, earthing faults, alternator and battery replacements or servicing, bulb replacement, fuse-box issues and more;
  • Engine repairs including head gasket issues, overheating issues, knocks and noises, engine rebuilds, water pump replacement, cambelt changes, exhaust system holes and replacement parts and more;
  • Transmission repairs including clutch and flywheel replacements, clutch fluid changes, gearbox issues, differential and transfer box faults and more;

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We offer no-obligation repair quotations and can normally fit your vehicle in to suit your needs.

To find out about about how we can repair your vehicle affordably, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01249 408888 or complete our online form and we'll call you back - normally on the same day.

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Collection & Delivery

We offer a FREE vehicle collection and delivery service for customers in the Foxham, West End, Charlcutt, Avon, Spirthill, New Zealand, Goatacre, Hilmarton, Lyneham, Bradenstoke, East Tytherton, Bremwick Hill, Kellaways and Christian Malford areas.

Upon collecting your vehicle at an agreed and mutually convenient time, we will deliver your vehicle to our workshops in Foxham before diagnosing or undertaking your required repairs. In the event that additional repairs are required, we will contact you immediately and BEFORE commencing any work. Once complete, you will be contacted to arrange a convenient delivery time.

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